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Snake Scale Checkering

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This past Fall I received an inquiry from a customer if I could do something that would compliment his "Ed Brown Custom Kobra". After a good deal of R & D, I developed this snake scale checkering/carving. It provides a grip that not only looks good, but has a secure positive feel. They'll dress up any pistol*, as well as work with those with snakeskin metal treatment or names. (Python, Kobra, and so on...)

1911 A1 Pistol with Snake Scale Grip
*Shown on a GI 1911 A1

Snake Scales Click for Magnified View
The SnakeThe Grip

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Viper HeadDiamond HeadCobra Head
I can cut the scales in customers smooth grips with your choice of custom options, or you can order a set from our grips in stock. Price on customers grips, 1911 style, approx. 10 square inches coverage:

  • $125 on medium hardwoods (walnut family, maple, some exotics, etc..)
  • $155 on very hardwoods (ironwood, snakewood, ebony, etc..)
  • Other types of grips (revolvers, etc..) priced accordingly

Like my tradional Checkering, this work is all cut by hand, which is more labor intensive and time consuming, but after all, cheaper & faster seldom if ever equals better.

Any questions, please contact me at adessa@mcn.net or

PO Box 1424
Big Timber, MT 59011

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Published March 16, 2004


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