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1911 Smooth Grips

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Smooth pistol grips for the 1911 in a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods with a hand-rubbed oil finish. By the nature of the wood, each set is one of a kind, picture shown is of the actual grips.

A short note about the grips I make:
Each set is made one at a time and checked for fit and function on three different .45 automatics (Colt MKIV Series 70, an unaltered GI 1911 A1 and one built up on an old Essex frame). They are hand-shaped and sanded, the same as I would on any other gunstock. The square butt has a very slight bevel, which gives a stronger edge than a true 90° angle would, also of course, the back is relieved for the mainspring housing pin.

Extra Fancy BocoteExtra Fancy Cocobolo
#B1 $70 SOLD#S2 $70

Fancy CocoboloExtra Fancy English Walnut
#S3 $65#S4 $72 SOLD

Extra Fancy English WalnutFancy English Walnut
#S5 $70 SOLD#S6 $65 SOLD

Fancy Leopardwood
#S7 $65

Extra Fancy Snakewood Fancy Snakewood
#S8 $80 SOLD #S9 $70

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