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Genuine Traditional Hand Cut Checkering

Over 20 years experience!

Tools of the

Fill-in Pattern with Border, 20 lpi
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Point Pattern with Border on Forearm
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point pattern

point pattern

Price List:

Prices generally average from $220 - $290 depending on amount of coverage.

  • Restore old checkering: $75 on up, depending on condition.
  • For anything not covered above, such as fleur-dis-les, ribbons, etc. please inquire for pricing.

Prices include return shipping from Big Timber, Montana (United States only, UPS Standard Ground)

In addition to traditional checkering, I also offer Snake Scale checkering/carving.

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Click for Magnified View

For more information, go to Snake Scale Checkering

After graduating from Trinidad State Junior College Gunsmithing Program in 1979, I then went to work for Sport Service Center (the largest gunsmithing operation in the Chicago area) as a stockmaker and checkerer. Beginning in 1981, I was employed by C. Sharps Arms Custom Shop in Big Timber, Montana as a gunmaker and checkerer. Then in 1996 I began doing the checkering for Shiloh Sharps, also in Big Timber. The majority of my gunsmithing career has been with fairly high-end guns that have been sent to various parts of the world as well as the major conventions and shows.

With over 20 years of professional experience in all phases of gun stock work, from one of a kind custom to production, I've decided to offer a checkering service to the public. I can work from your plans or create one for you, duplicate old factory patterns for replacement stocks, etc... Over the years, I've found that I prefer to use hand tools to achieve good consistent checkering without any magic tricks or big surprises, such as disappearing lines or big drop-offs.

For shipping information, payment terms or other questions, please contact John C. DiPrizio at adessa@mcn.net or

PO Box 1424
Big Timber, MT 59011


Published August 1, 2003
Updated March 24, 2004

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